Spectacle Lenses


Style. Individuality. Personality

These are the words spectacle lens manufacturers now use when discussing their research and development efforts.

As independant practitioners we have access to a wide range of lenses from most manufactures that enable us to achieve the patient requirements of the best possible vision,and cosmetically appealing look to their spectacles.

The first thing to do when choosing lenses is to ask yourself exactly what purpose you need them for. Are they only for driving or reading? Do you require correction for distance and near vision, or do you simply require lenses to see clearly at all distances and in all directions without any limitations?

This means we can offer you a wider choice together with a personal service that caters for your particular requirements, lifestyle and budget.
When you visit our practice we will discuss your needs and advise you of the best options, without obligation. In the meantime, this page outlines the main points to consider when choosing lenses for your spectacles.

Lens manufacturers are primarily focusing on two consistently growing segments of the population—the over forties and young people. The over forties market is, of course, dominated by new options in progressive lenses. And, the youth market has spurred the development of photochromics with fashion tints as well as increased sales of thinner and lighter lenses.

There are many new developments in spectacle lens technology. Thinner lighter lenses. A variety of lens coatings. New types of light sensitive lenses. And lots more – all designed to improve your vision and make your spectacles more comfortable to wear.

That is why as a practice we have decided to supply Nikon Lenses as our core lens range due to their contuinual research and development efforts and their product achieves a very high standard of vision .

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Spectacle lenses are broken down into four key area listed below :


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