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Hoya's lens materials are aesthetically attractive, comfortable to wear and are manufactured using the most advanced development and production methods.

For years, glass was the preferred raw material for manufacturing ophthalmic lenses. Although not particularly lightweight, it can be made to practically any correction strength, is scratch-resistant and maintains its clarity. And, just like plastic lens materials, glass can be enhanced with various tints and coatings and therefore modified for any lifestyle.

Recently, however, spectacle wearers have become increasingly more discerning. They now expect  thinner, lighter and more comfortable lenses. Hoya's response has been to develop the high index plastic lens. At present, Hoya develops and manufactures both glass and plastic ophthalmic lenses

High index plastic lens materials have numerous advantages, so it is not surprising that Hoya’s product range includes a wide variety of these types of materials. In addition to having excellent optical qualities, each of them is inherently lightweight, thin and scratch-resistant.
Moreover, Hoya has succeeded in perfecting these properties even further. This means that our plastic lenses easily meet the increasingly high demands from consumers.
Combined with fashionable frames, functional tints and various top coatings (developed in-house), a Hoya composite lens is synonymous with the best and most elegant choice available.

A summary of the possibilities for Hoya’s plastic lenses:


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