The first thing to do when choosing lenses is to ask yourself exactly what purpose you need them for. Are they only for driving or reading? Do you require correction for distance and near vision, or do you simply require lenses to see clearly at all distances and in all directions without any limitations?

With these questions being thought about here are a few choice of lens types to consider:


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Latest design technology

As far as innovative lens design Hoya patent iD Progressive Lens Design is principally worth considering first .

Latest developments concentrate on increasing the stability and focus of our lenses in all directions. Our transmission-based design technology, for instance, allows natural sight to be organically simulated. 
A good example of the latest generation progressive design is Hoyalux iD, the world's first Integrated Double Surface Progressive Lens, which is designed to promote the wearer’s mobility and react to the behaviour of eyes. It provides balanced correction at all distances and in all directions.

No matter what correction power you need, you can be sure that a modern progressive lens from Hoya will allow you to see clearly and enjoy the view!

A summary of Hoya’s high performance progressive lenses:

Hoyalux iD :  the latest generation of progressive lens designs that guarantees stability and focus. More information can be found on a dedicated product site;

Hoyalux Summit Pro :  the progressive lens that corrects the change from far to near vision in a completely natural way. More information can be found on a dedicated product site;

Hoyalux Summit CD :  Utlising the same calculation technology as Hoyalux Summit Pro, Hoyalux Summit CD is especially designed for fashionable, small, shallow frames and guarantees high quality vision at all distances;

Hoyalux Wide :  the progressive lens with an extra-wide reading area, compared to standard progressive lenses;

Hoyalux GP :  Hoya’s standard progressive lens;

More information on lens materials can be found on this link

More information on lens coatings can be found on this link

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