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Coatings to protect your lenses and your vision

Scratch resistant
Anti-scratch coating is a scratch resistant coating that can be applied to many surfaces, including watch faces and laptop screens, but is most commonly applied to optical lenses.

Anti-scratch coating is very effective for lenses in prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, and safety glasses and is particularly practical for children’s glasses. Majority of patient are opting for plastic due to their lightness and robustness from breakage . Unfornately these lenses are slighty more prone to scratching and require an anti-scratch coating.


Nikon has an extensive and illustrious history in lens coatings that spans industries as diverse and specialized as photographic equipment, high precision instrumentation and micro-computer technology. This impressive heritage gives Nikon a unique expertise in the field of ultra thin coating technology for optical lenses.
Crafted in state-of-the-art Class 10,000 « clean-room » laboratory conditions, a condition no other manufacturer can claim, where no contaminants permeate the environment, Nikon coatings are the result of a rigorous process that ensures quality, durability, ease of maintenance and of course, unequalled optical performance.
Nikon lenses are available with Nikon’s famous Hard Clear Coat (HCC) which is actually a system of 3 molecularly bonded coatings in one. Only Nikon can give you the durability and performance associated with the Nikon brand.

Removing reflections from the surface of the lens has several advantages. Firstly your vision will be better. Moreover, it's better that people can see your eyes clearly instead of the reflections on the lenses.








An anti-reflection coating also reduces the glare of headlights when driving at night, so your eyes will feel less strained. The anti-reflection coating can be combined with a scratch resistant coating for optimum lens performance and durability.

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